you must write more about mistress

This post title was the text in a piece of spam I just deleted.  Seriously.

Okay, then.  Far be it from me to deny the anonymous masses.

Well, I haven’t been a mistress.

[Really, who has the time for that?  And if you do, let me know how because I need to find non-existent time!] [Um, but not for an affair.]

As far as I know, Mr.Q has no mistress. And, if he did, my first question for him would be when the hell did you find the time for that?

And, I’m sorry, random spammer, I’m not in a position to undertake an undercover operation at this time to develop a blog post on the day I tried out being a mistress.  I suspect there’s a lot more involved than a day.  Or night.  And I’m a really, really bad liar, which I think would work against me, what with the whole secrecy thing involved in being a mistress.

So, instead, I’ll leave you with Amelia Curran.  She seems to have it figured out.


Jeez.  Now Mr.Q is reading over my shoulder arguing the semantics of mistress with me.  Okay, so if I – as a married woman – have an affair with a married man, does that make me his mistress?  Mr. Q seems to be under the impression that he’s the only one who can have a mistress and that his mistress would have to be single in order to qualify as a mistress.  Otherwise it’s just adultery all the way around.  Or swinging.

Now I really can’t do any undercover work until this gets sorted out: help!  Define mistress

One response to “you must write more about mistress

  1. Mistress=cheater. Not sure of the technical linguistical semantics of it, but I believe the common-use connotation of it would mean mistress=female cheater cheater punkin eater.

    Scarlet A all over the place.

    At least that’s my take.

    (Oh and you could have a mistress if you were adventurous I suppose…so you could have and BE a mistress and whoa I think I just entered a black hole…)

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