my last Olympic event

Okay, not the last event, because my entire weekend will be revolving around hockey games in front of the television set (as much as the Magpie and the Magpie’s schedule will allow), but I’ll be heading out the door shortly for the women’s long programme.

And, despite looking forward to this event and having loved figure skating since I was little, I am woefully under-prepared to be a spectator today.  I know Korea’s amazing and we’re okay but I, honestly, did not actually watch the short program.  I haven’t even seen any highlight reels.  I am a totally sucky fan.

I’m wearing my knock off, red Canada shirt and will wear my official Vancouver 2010 mitts.  I’ll be there in spirit.

Just very uninformed and ignorant spirit.

Even the Magpie runs around yelling Go Canada Go!! at the top of her lungs all day.  She’s taught it to the other day care kids and makes sure the teachers are in the know too.  She wants to be a figure skater, a hockey goalie and a zamboni driver.  She wants to try skiing.  She wants to be on the ice and have everyone watching and cheering for her.   The only thing she hasn’t expressed an interest in is curling.

Make of that what you will.

But, tonight, it’s figure skating for me.  Women’s hockey will be on tv and I’m sure that’s what the Magpie and Mr.Q will be watching in my absence.

And, who knows, maybe in 15 to 20 years, the Magpie will be out there.  Cheering her country on, if not driving their zamboni or winning the medals.

trying to get to her hockey game a little faster

2 responses to “my last Olympic event

  1. Mine danced in front of the TV for all of the skating, and for each woman said “Mama, do you like this dress? I like this dress.” Eventually she handed us each a pile of stuffed animals to throw at her when she was done “skating”.

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