sore throat: the new headache

The migraine fog is lifting.  I’m starting to eat again and I got through almost the entire day looking at the computer screen before my eyes went wonky.

A whole week of migraine sucks.  But there was MSG.  There were shifts in the earth.  There was a new moon.  There was the Ides of March.  There were stupid people.

[MSG is one thing, but I’m now pretty sure that stupid people are heavily involved in migraines.  It’s like their underground industry.  They probably get bonuses for inducing extra eyeball piercing, gut wrenching and ear-splitting.]

But I digress.

After a week of headache and not eating, I’ve had to explain myself the Magpie.

Mommy, did you eat breakfast??

So I told her that I have a really bad headache that also makes my tummy hurt.  Now the Magpie claims to get a headache.  She had one at daycare today.  She’s not feeling well.  She needs to rest.  She’s not hungry.

For a kid who wears glasses, this is a problem.  For a kid in day care, where there are teachers who are on (appropriately) vigilant look out for any signs of illness – serious or otherwise – this is a problem.  For a kid who goes to a class to do somersaults and flail around on the trampoline, this is a problem.

So, I asked her what it feels like to have a headache.

She said it’s when her throat hurts.

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