because if you can’t put your kid in rocker boots for her private school interview, why bother going?

We left our name, address, hopes, fears, assumptions and $250 with a near stranger today.

We spent an hour with the headmaster of a nearby independent school that I have dragged Mr.Q to twice before.  Each time, he exhibited slightly more buy-in than the last, but it has always seemed to be as it has been with my tattoos: she’s gonna do it anyway, so might as well suck it up and get used to it.  Not that he didn’t have an opinion; it just wasn’t strong enough one way or the other to justify overriding my need to harass the kind folk at this school.

However, I see a distinct difference between what I choose to do to my own body and what we are scheming for the formative years of our child’s existence.  So, upon penalty of a slow and painful death, Mr.Q admitted, yesterday, to being “about 60%” into this whole private school scenario.

Total fence sitter.

After today, though, he was a majority loving 75% committed to the process and, for him, that means we not only applied, but practically just bought the whole damned school.

So, yes, we left our application with our stats, our opinion of our daughter and a processing fee.

A year and a half in advance of her first day of kindergarten.

We appear to be a philosophical fit with the school.  We are (apparently) eager – though the process started with the possibility of a transfer to pre-school this fall – and we asked a few good questions.  Conveniently, the headmaster had a few good answers as well.  Most of the answers were for information only as, really, this school is the only non-public option we are considering so it’s all rather take it or leave it.  But some wrong answers would have seriously made me consider leaving.

Sex ed / body awareness / whatever they’re calling it these days?  Yep, they do an age appropriate program with a woman whose work I’m familiar with.

Religious tolerance?  Yep, they acknowledge and discuss various religions and leave religious instruction and interpretation to the family.  As a non-denominational school, I expected this, but I wanted to hear the answer anyway.

Community involvement?  Yep, they’re on it.

So they’ve got some of our money.  There’s a strong likelihood that, space permitting and philosophies continuing to align, they will get more of our money.

Now I just have to get over the concept of a school uniform.

I really have to follow-up on the student code of conduct to make sure it’s okay if she wants to dye her hair or wear black nail polish… there were no comments made on her rocker boots today.

One response to “because if you can’t put your kid in rocker boots for her private school interview, why bother going?

  1. i totally love the rocker boots and that she wore them to her interview.

    we are tossing around the idea of private school as well–we shall see.

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