how much longer will her loyalties lie with me?

The Magpie has a good sense of humour.  She knows how to crack a joke.  She knows how to recognize silliness.  But she can be serious little girl.  She takes her friendships seriously and, as such, she takes her friends likes, dislikes and opinions seriously.

But she has one friend at day care whose opinions she puts unusually great faith in and has now come home completely convinced of two lovely gems:

K says that I don’t have to listen to you, so I’m going to keep doing this.

K says he loves poison.  I love poison too.

Both of these are, over the past few months, courtesy of her friend.  Each time, I’ve told her that I think K has made a mistake and she looks at me like I’m destroying her faith in entirety of humankind.

The poison comment came yesterday.  Now, no, she doesn’t really know what poison is – only that is was edible – and I certainly wasn’t about to point out all the potential poisons in the house, but we did look at the ant traps that are stored in a high up cupboard and discussed how the ants in the picture were dead. I have no idea if K knows what poison is, either.  But I’m pretty sure it doesn’t matter.

And, with the desire for poison at least in question if not quashed, I sent Mr. Q to day care this morning to corner a teacher.

They agreed to have some sort of discussion during Circle Time.  Of course, I can get no confirmation of this from the Magpie, but I’m hoping something was discussed that will help straighten this one out for all the kids.

What kind of 5 year old has this kind of influential power over his peers?  Who is so charismatic at such a young age as to have 3 and a half year olds falling over every word he speaks?

How do I convince a pre-schooler under his spell that I am right and he is wrong?

I know I can’t.  I know I have to make it okay for her to tell me these – any and/or all – conversations of her own free will.  I know I have to make it okay for her to question what she hears.  Including what she hears from me.  I know I have to let her have faith in people.  I sincerely hope she has faith in people.  I know she’ll have to learn to pick out the liars.

I just hope it doesn’t involve too much pain – or poison – in the process.

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