well, that was unnecessarily cryptic

So, yeah, about yesterday’s video.

I made it out of the woods.  There were no bears.  Not even a moose nor any particularly aggressive squirrels.  There were a few big dogs, a lot of mud and a brief torrential downpour.  I took some pictures.

The morning started off with notice that a friend wasn’t doing so well and I wasn’t able to talk to her – no matter how much I tried.  (She seems to be a bit better, now.)  And we had a play date scheduled.  And the dog was uncomfortable from the side effects of his pain medications.  By the mid-afternoon I need to get lost for a while.

With my cell phone, of course.

With rain-soaked ground, I had promised Mr.Q that I would stay on the paved walking path that rings the ravine.

I lied.

Flying along a concrete clearing through the woods not exactly the same thing as slowly picking one’s way through roots and cedars along the edge of a precipice.   I chose the roots and cedars.

An hour later, I was soaked, filthy and much, much saner.

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