three kid-free hours – the possibilities are (nearly) endless!!

Our recent playdate is being reciprocated this Sunday.  We will have roughly three hours of kid free time on Sunday and there are simply far too many things that could get done or not done during that time.

We don’t get a lot of kid-free time, collectively.  We’ve taken the rare day off together.  And we get a few hours every month when the Magpie has a playdate at her BFF’s house.  So, when we get a few hours, there is a ridiculously long list of things to that can be best done in the absence of a small child.  I mean, she’s a big help when it comes to home renos… for about half an hour.

Obvious adult time aside or included, we could totally do nothing constructive with the entire time: movies, brunch, hiking, even give Mr.Q a reiki treatment.  Good, relaxing, fun, yes.  But that doesn’t clean the kitchen, organize the computer room, destroy the ant hills, plant the peas, replace my ragged running shoes or get groceries.

There has to be something out there that’s relaxing and productive!  Why must the two be mutually exclusive?

Help!  What’s a good way to spend three hours in the early afternoon?  (PG, people, I can figure out the non-PG stuff, really!)  You know, time where we get to relax and feel like we actually accomplished something productive?

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