swigging mineral water straight from the bottle

It’s my new thing to do.

I’m pretentious enough to be drinking mineral water, conscientious enough to see that it’s Canadian (didn’t have to travel quite as far as some fancy fizzy waters and use fossil fuels in the process), and lazy enough to bypass the glass for the bottle.

Don’t worry, I do draw a (n arbitrary) line at drinking milk from the bottle…

But I’m hoping an extra dose of minerals will somehow help.  Let me sleep.  Perk me up.  Perk me up by letting me sleep.  Osmose to my dog to let him sleep properly to perk me up by letting me sleep.

Exhaustion is creeping in when, in the next few weeks, I’m going to need all the energy I can get for upcoming company, invitations, events, work, classes, organizing and a conference.  And the Magpie.  Because, however tired I may be, she is invariably that much more wound up.

So, please forgive my brevity around here for the next little while and my lack of flickr photos.  I’ll catch up!

Later.  After I’ve slept.

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