awkward social scenarios

How about a birthday party where my kid doesn’t know any of the other kids, they all knew each other and Mr.Q and I know one of the collected parents.

Oh yeah, good times.

It was a good party.  The kid was a bit social.  Mr.Q and I leaned on playing with her and the other kids and tried to be a bit social ourselves.  It was a noble attempt to expand our play date opportunities – for the Magpie and for us – with locals rather than far-flung co-w0rkers with kids and day care friends.  Sometimes the thought of travel undermines the ability to type the email or make the phone call that sets up a coffee & play date in the neighbouring suburbs.

So we gladly accept the invite to the local party and attempt to hang with the crowd for a few hours, amid bubble machines and birthday cake.

Now we just have to get together again before the Magpie forgets the kids and we forget everyone’s names.

One response to “awkward social scenarios

  1. I’ve been there. It’s *hard*, isn’t it.

    I get it a lot because I’m “the Dad”, and I go out to work – so when I go pick the kids up, or drop them at school, I get studiously ignored by the other Moms (who *know* who I am!).

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