what are the odds that we can sneak the rest of the body in?

Mr.Q had his allergies retested the other day.

After three years of allergy shots, he’s still highly reactive to 3/4 of the trees on the continent.


Apparently, since the run of shots is supposed to go for five years, it’s still okay; however, it did prompt his allergist to peer up Mr.Q’s nose and proclaim oh my! Say, have I ever ordered a CT scan for you??

Upon Mr.Q’s negative reply, he now has a CT scan ordered.  For his sinuses.

I’m not liking where this is leading.  Mostly, I’m just kind of grossed out.  I mean, I’m a health care worker and have put my time in around body fluids – both expected and unexpected – and this still kind of grosses me out.  Maybe I’ve spent too much time convincing the Magpie that she needs to use a tissue because what’s in her nose is “yucky”.  Maybe I’ve been out of the primary care setting for too long.

Regardless of my hangups: whatever is up there doesn’t need to be and someone is going to have to do something about getting it out.

We’re just hoping it get out via an easy, non-invasive kind of process.


Now, to try to find a silver lining here, since he’ll be on the scanner anyway, maybe we can convince an intern that it would be a good idea to get a whole body scan, just for a baseline….

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