she has her friends and must invite ALL of them…

I’m printing invitations.  Because it doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult and I have card stock, glue, photo paper and a basic skill level in photoshop.

And I’m an idiot, but that’s irrelevant.

Tomorrow, the Magpie and I get to put together her birthday invitations with a photo on the front and a map inside.  Then we get to address the envelopes.

At the moment, she plans to invite 14 kids.


And that’s not even taking into account the parents that will attend that party with their kids, nor the party for the adult friends and family that will be happening later that afternoon.

I don’t think I even knew 14 people until I was practically in high school.

[okay, fine, yes, I was one of those kids]

This is what I get for laughing at the moms on Party Mamas.

Fortunately, it’s an easy party at the park where the entertainment is provided by the municipality in the way of playground equipment and lots of green space.  And, if she keeps inviting double-digits to her birthday parties, it’ll be the site of parties for many, many years to come…

2 responses to “she has her friends and must invite ALL of them…

  1. Making invitations is total drudgery, isn’t it.

    We always make our kids make their own invitations now. And party bags.

    We also put a cap on invites to parties – and choosing “best” from “bestest” friends for a five or six year old is *hard* lol

    Our eldest (9) has graduated on to less people, more expensive activity… like pizza and movie, or something similar – MUCH easier.

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