what’s a blog, again??

I was recently reminded that I have not been posting here.  Okay, I haven’t been posting anywhere other than twitter as of late, really.  I have a woefully neglected family blog, a flickr account that I’m updating in three month chunks, an etsy shop and associated website and another new endeavour.  No, I can no longer count the days when I posted poetry or more spiritual thoughts online as those days seem long gone.

Yet I have been writing.  I carry a journal with me nearly everywhere I go and I write in it regularly.  I have two additional journals at home.  They simply never makes the leap from page to pixels.

And, the stock response: I’ve been busy.

Yeah, I know.  Who hasn’t??

There have been birthday parties, the never-ending supply of visitors, the loss of our dear old dog and, now, the looming promise of seasonal festivities, final papers, weekend courses and a kid who is becoming fanatical about holiday crafts.  So, I journal.  And I tweet.  Getting my posts down to 65 characters or less has become my state of blogging and, while there is a great deal to be said for brevity, it doesn’t always cut it.

So where do I even start to cover the last … 7??!! months?

  • the epic birthday party that was spectacular and will never be repeated
  • the Year of No Vacations
  • the loss of our dog, after we finally acknowledged that there was nothing more we could do for him
  • the day care demographic shift
  • the opportunities afforded a four year old
  • … and I could go on

But I won’t here.  I can’t even begin to begin.  I will another day.


Because I like this format, really I do.  Blogging has its place, for me.  And it’s so much more legible than any of my journals.

One response to “what’s a blog, again??

  1. Same story here – until last month my blog had been on the skids for a while. I somehow got back into the routine, and haven’t looked back since.

    Great to be reading you again!

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