a smaller Christmas

It turns out that we’ll be spending Christmas day without any extended family this year.  While we may have a friend or two over to help us make our way through the inevitable pounds of turkey, stuffing and desserts, it’s going to be a much quieter year.

And I am completely okay with that.

Having family over during the holidays makes all the wonderful memories and gets everyone hanging out and catching up.  And it’s stressful.  So, if I know in advance, I can prepare the house and prepare myself.   But a mere vacuum and a few bottles of good wine more than satisfy a visiting friends.

Does that make the season any less seasonal?  Are we somehow failing by not getting together with family to take a tonne of cheesy photographs that will inevitably miss at least one family member?  Will the Magpie find her holidays lacking if the morning of the 25th is shared only with her parents?

My Christmases were always small: parents, sister and, sometimes, one grandmother.  Mr. Q’s Christmases were huge, epic affairs that gathered a large family from all over half a province that were navigated by being louder, more boisterous and/or more opinionated than those who were getting to the food before you.  Will Mr.Q regret is daughter’s early holidays?

Though the set up of this season is out of my hands and I know that we will make the best whole season that we can for the Magpie – Dec 21 through the New Year with friends, a few presents, good food, plays and events, skating or maybe (!) skiing – and that is what she will remember.  It’s all balance.

How do you set the scope of your December?

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