perfecting the guilt trip

The Magpie is four and a half years old.  She gets cranky if she’s tired.  She has lots of good ideas that usually involve fantastical adventures or eating ice cream for supper.  She pitches a fit if bedtime sneaks up on her despite numerous reminders from her parents.

Last night was an epic melt down.  At 8pm, she has to finish what she is doing and play in her room until no later than 9pm.  At this particular 8pm, she was having her snack and the tv happened to be on.  Though I told her at least three times that she was to finish her snack and head upstairs, she jumped from the table to the couch with nothing short of alacrity.  Needless to say, turning the tv off lead to tears, clinging, incoherence and consequences.  The consequences were removed once she agreed to talk after she settled down and she felt up to a little drawing before bedtime.

She created a card for her father and I because she loves us and, although it was supposed to be a Christmas card, she really, really wanted us to have it early.

And, of course, we felt like shit.

She went to bed and fell asleep like nothing happened.

Did I mention she’s four and a half years old??

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