just in time for Christmas

The Magpie has a wicked cold.  One of my best friends has it too.  Half of my co-workers have it.  Their kids have it.  Several kids at day care have it.

I don’t have it.


My throat is thick.  My nose is a bit stuffy.  I’m tired.

I could be making it all up.

But now I’m taking time off from work to look after a sick child.  Right before Christmas.  When I have no vacation days left because there were only a few days left that SigOther couldn’t cover.  Really, what were the odds?

Just when it counts, the odds, of course, are simply not in my favour.

But we are having a nice, quiet December 25.

There will be opening of presents over coffee and eggnog.

The Yule Log will be burning on the television above the fireplace.

There will be phone calls made during the day and a turkey dinner with friends in the evening.

Even it requires me to be heavily medicated.

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