happy 2011

Dear 2011,

Happy birthday, new year!

Honestly, the fact that you’re here won’t actually hit me until I have to start writing the date repeatedly at work next week, but you are here whether or not I recognize you.

So, I know it’s early and I don’t want to put any undue pressure on you before we’ve had a chance to get acquainted but I feel it’s only fair to put some things out there so there are no surprises come November or December.  2010, while it had some really good moments, was kind of a crazy year.  It was busy.  It was a bit stressful.  I have plans for us, 2011, that we need to discuss:

  • Play.  The Mapgie is growing up.  It seems to be the thing to do and she’s decided not to be an exception.  There are crafts to do, bikes to ride, performances to write, direct, act and critique and books to learn to read.  All with parent participation.
  • Find focus in my extra curriculars.  I am way too easily distracted, but I’ve found things that have stuck with me.  That doesn’t happen often, so it’s time to pay more attention to the distractions that continually attract me: photography, reiki and reflexology.  And remind myself that I know how to play the piano and carry a simple tune.
  • Keep the courses manageable.  I’ve been taking career-related courses after work.  They aren’t onerous but they do take time.  And, when taken back to back, it gets a bit much.  The next session I’m taking is on work time (with work’s blessing) and that will be all sorts of good.
  • Get out of the house.  We didn’t get to take holidays last year – or even day trips – while we were caring for our aging dog.  2011 is for getting places, even if it’s just a picnic at the beach or a day trip up the coast.

I know they sound big but, really, they shouldn’t be all that difficult.  They’re in our best interest, I think.  I hope you think so too.  I’m not sure if you’ve got anything else planned – you probably don’t even know yet, either – but I’d like to think we’ll be able to work together in this.  Stuff happens.  I get that.  We’ll deal with it as it comes up.  And we’ll come out of it better.

And, come December 31, we’ll have a drink to celebrate.



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