the other 2011

So what if I have plans for 2011?  Everyone in the house will tell you that I am not the most important person in the house; that person is the four year old.  She’s got her own memories to make this year and, far more so than the rest of us whose memories are hazy at the best of times.  And she is setting up big plans for her own 2011:

  • She’s started playing video games.  I’m not sure that it’s a good-memorable or bad-memorable moment, but I’m pretty sure it’s a defining moment.
  • She wants to move her room downstairs so she can take over the guest bathroom.
  • She wants to move to a new house.  A big one. With a yard.
  • She wants to schedule her swimming classes to be all the time.
  • She wants to go to the beach.  A lot.
  • She dances.  A lot.
  • She wants to learn piano.
  • She wants to learn to read.
  • She wants to ski.
  • She wants to go skating more often.
  • She wants to bike and practice until she can take the training wheels off.
  • She wants to go on more planes and boats.
  • She wants to go to school.  Now.  September is simply too far away.
  • She’s picked out new glasses – the bigger girl kind.  (Never fear; they’re still purple.)

That’s a lot of ground to cover.  But, as someone who insists that she’s four – and not the four-and-a-half that her parents claim – she knows what she wants and she’s scheming a whole pot full of big kid plans.  She’s got them all figured out and she’s got the answers for all the rebuttals and logistics we throw at her.

{I don’t think she knows what a lawyer is yet and I’m not sure I want to tell her.  But she’d make a good one.}

We haven’t actually written this down.  She hasn’t joined 43 things or scheduled any events.  But I have a feeling that we’ll be doing most of these things over the coming months.

I think doing them with her covers some of my 2011 plans too.

One response to “the other 2011

  1. I’m thoroughly convinced my 4 1/2 year old is going to be the best lawyer ever.

    Sounds like a fun year ahead! Happy New Year!

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