to knit or not

My sister knits.  My friends knit.  I occasionally purchase a skein of soft wool for someone and, the last time I did this, I dropped a business card in the store’s draw for a gift certificate.  I also had the Magpie with me and she was absolutely fascinated with all the colours.  Of wool and of needles.

I got a call yesterday.  I won.

So, the Magpie and I went back to the store today and each got a set of knitting needles and yarn.

The Magpie has purple needles (just in case you thought it might have been any other colour) and two balls of rainbow yarn.  I ended up with larger needles and some far-too-fancy yarn.  The kind of stuff I won’t touch until I practice on the rainbow stuff for a while.

I’ve started practicing.  I think.

I think I may have cast on... um, now what?? on Twitpic

I haven’t figured out what to do next.  I’m mostly trying to remember what I did to accomplish this so that I can show the Magpie.   Patiently…

And then what?  Knitting has always seemed like gardening.  Or cross-stitching.  Or making jewellery.  It’s all awesome stuff, but everyone only ever needs so much.  I already know how many extra zucchinis, green beans, rhubarb, hand-made soap and dish cloths I get.  How many scarves or slippers can the Magpie and I produce and hand around until the recipients are over-saturated with random wool accessories?  At what point does a new skill become a burden?

Hm.  Maybe I’ll actually get the skill first.  Before I worry about over-doing it.

Or at least get the first row off the needle…

What are your favourite websites with clear, easy instructions for knitting beginners??

One response to “to knit or not

  1. I have been knitting since I was a child. I always say it is cheaper than psychiatry! I love it. It relaxes me and sometimes I use it to focus my thoughts. I love Good instructions and hundreds of free patterns.

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