yeah, I’d’ve stopped stopping by here, too

Time passes. Work happens. Schedules happen. Any profound thoughts are redirected to work, preschool learning moments and trying to find a swimsuit for our upcoming vacation while worrying how much damage the pool chlorine will do to my tattoos.

It takes a sick day – a kid’s sick day – for me to have time to update the blog.

Oh, and the existence of google+ to remind me that the big bad wide web is out there and I actually have several spots where I can be present in it.

can be present

Oh, yes, I can be present. I’m just often terribly distracted by everything else going on. Who has time to edit and upload photographs when I get flipping through friends, groups and – suddenly – everyone’s photos on Flickr? How am I to tweet witty and momentous bits of brevity when I’m retweeting others’ far more profound sentiments? Send messages to my Facebook friends to set up google+ circles when someone’s link to a new-to-me (and awesomely geeky) time-suck website throws me off course for hours? Not likely.

By the time my day winds down, I can only spend so much time online and that invariably ends with me skimming over the updates of others and dropping the occasional like on their lives. Email? Rarely.

But, after a few days of busy summer day care days, the Magpie woke with an upset stomach this morning. This, on the day of her day care graduation celebration. In an effort to attend the party tonight, she’s resting today. And attempting to nap right now. At a time when I should be getting organized for our holiday [I am doing laundry right now – serious multi-tasking], I am instead online. Trying to figure out where I am. Trying to figure out where I want to be. Trying to figure out where I can best be present.

And I always seem to come back here.

But, if you’ll excuse me it’s time to go be present for my daughter. The one who has miraculous turned from baby to near-kindergarten-er in an inexplicable blink of an eye. She is far too excited to graduate. She is incredibly excited for school. She wants to be a teenager, a grown up. She has already picked (the third) boy she’s going to marry. She is still scared of big monkey bars and cartoon bad guys but loves flying high in the harness on the trampoline at gym class. Hopefully, she still needs me around when she’s thinking about napping on a sick day.

3 responses to “yeah, I’d’ve stopped stopping by here, too

  1. thanks 🙂 I’m in slight denial about the five years old bit. Certainly I’m not five years older! …right?

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