genius is messy

The Magpie turned five last month and, while she can’t fathom how she’ll ever wait long enough to turn six, we’re still getting through the aftermath of the fifth birthday party.

It was time to bust out of the usual party places and minimize the risky business of outdoor parties at the park. Forget foam pits, jungle gyms and pizza joints. This year, the party-goers created art.

Lots of it. The kind that requires distributing to attendees and hanging on the wall.

The kind that is worthy to hang on the wall.

The kind of art that was created in a plastic lined room by flinging water-based paints with brushes, droppers and popped water balloons. The kind that makes the gathered moms and dads cringe and look for left over grocery bags in the backs of their minivans so they can transport their kids home with minimal retribution from the other spouse.

The kind that kids love.

There were collective looks of awe and horror as we watched the process unfold before us. What started out as controlled sketching while we waited for everyone to arrive quickly turned into mess and mayhem under the instructor’s guiding principle of No Big Deal!. Paint on the floor? No big deal. Paint on the walls? No big deal. Paint on your friends? …you get the idea.

Lots of soap and lots of water and few spectacular pieces of canvas later, the other moms are still speaking to me so it looks like there will still be friends to invite to next year’s party.

I’m thinking dirt and bugs.

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