the pet question… and by “question” I mean inevitability

It’s been nearly 8 months since we had a pet in our home. We said goodbye to our big, beautiful cat over a year and half ago and to our sweetheart of an old dog last fall. And, despite missing them – troubles, cuddles and all – it’s been kind of care-free to not have a dependant waiting for us at home for feeding, walking, watering and attention. The plants have been demanding enough [some, apparently, too demanding…].

Yet, here we are, with plans to phone a local shelter to discuss the option of adopting a cat: an adult cat, who would be okay by themselves, indoors during the day and okay with a pre-schooler around in the evening. One who would be okay living in a house where dogs and cats have lived before.

The Magpie set me up and nailed me to the August long weekend as The Day to Phone the Shelter back in April. She wanted a cat then and there. We wanted a bit of a summer without a pet. So we arrived at the August long weekend. And, now it’s nearly the August long weekend. And the Magpie remembers that we’re getting a cat.

She wants to have a cat to play with, feed and look after. It’s the look after part that I’m looking to exploit encourage. So I’m on the search for an age appropriate set of realistic expectations for a five-year old regarding pet care. Help with daily feeding and checking the water, daily play time and regular brushing? She’s lived with two elderly pets before and remembers how much work they can be.

This isn’t the Magpie’s cat; it’s the family’s cat. It’s a family member. Everyone’s got a guideline and they all make reasonable sense. But, at the end of the day, we will all be involved and, if nothing else, seeing our involvement will only serve [I theorize] to encourage her’s. And seeing the way it is will simply become the way it is without a chore component.

Because I’m terribly optimistic like that.


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