Day 7: The Last Minute

It’s the final full day of the cruise and we spent the entire day at sea, with a vessel full of folks who have spent the last week getting used to doing stuff. It was a wee bit hectic. The only saving grace is that we switched our clocks and hour ahead last night and we had to have an early start to the day to meet appointments. So we were some of the very few up for breakfast and we started the day lightly. Afterward, we checked out the photos that had been taken by ship staff and debated the merit of each one. Having waited until the last-minute to find out if there were any last-minute shots, it was the time to pick and choose. Now, why some were only available in the 8×10 format and others were available in 5×7 or 8×10 is still a mystery but, of course, the ones we wanted were big. Also a mystery: the best shot of me ever is the one in which SigOther is looking at the camera like he’s staring into the sun while eating a lemon as his more tender regions are attacked by piranhas. I got that photo anyway. I can scan and crop.

By 915am, the Magpie hit the kids’ club so SigOther and I could hit the spa. We had a steam room/ mud session booked and fully intended to relax away the past few days. Body scrubs, muds, steam and skin care later, we sat on a warm stone seat with a glass of champagne before picking up our child from her Toy Story boot camp; we were steamed clean and rubber-muscled while she was wearing camo face paint and dog tags, calling left, left, left, right, left! down the hall back to our room.

The next last-minute event involved the shops: a souvenir for each of us. Any and all Ladies’ Medium sized anything were gone, but I managed to convince myself that these were a bit more generously sized clothes and bought a small sleep shirt anyway. SigOther and the Magpie each picked a shirt of their own and the Magpie also came away with a watch and some pirate tattoos.

She then later – much later, in exhaustion at bedtime when she saw Minnie of tv –  questioned why she did not get the Minnie Mouse dress that she wanted… (um, because it cost a small fortune??)

After a light lunch it was time to pack and chill out. We are getting of the boat tomorrow. Early. Damn early. With plans to take advantage of the express disbark debark disembowel disembark get off the boat option, we have to be the first ones at the door and there will time to pack in the morning. There were opportunities to do more and more things today – as there has been throughout the cruise – that we haven’t taken advantage of. Our friends have taken their girl around for multiple character meets, events, shows and photos. We’ve attended some. This was another day where we parted ways and we stayed in the cabin and took the quieter route for a few hours. After the worst of the organizing was done in a relatively sane manner, it was time for the Magpie to go to the kids’ club to prepare for their final extravaganza: a show put on for the parents.

I napped.

I did manage to get up in time, though, to get to the main show theatre with SigOther and find a great seat. We watched several hundred little critters dance (and I use the term loosely) on stage with their counsellors, Mickey and Minnie while photos of the time spent in the club flashed across the screen. We even get to keep the t-shirt that each little kid wore for the performance. It was adorable and fun and very, very Disney. I swear they’re recruiting them already.

And then it was time for the last supper.

Having eaten lightly all day, we were prepared for a final stuffing. But I think the kitchen has these things all figured out as this dinner seemed to be lighter and back on proportion. It was just as amazingly tasty and perfect as the dinners we’ve had this entire week and it was a great way to end the cruise.

We watched the final theatrical show as it was broadcast on tv, did the just-before-the-last-minute packing and caught the local orca whales and porpoises on the camera before getting the Magpie to bed.

While filling out the comment card, we came to the question of how likely we were to take another Disney cruise in the next five years. I am Undecided. SigOther is Very Likely. This is, really, a floating resort. A big, crazy floating resort with the potential to be very overwhelming. There are spots of sanity, but you have to find them and, in some cases, pay for them. The port time are short and sweet but left me feeling like I’d missed out with the brevity. Would I take a shorter cruise – perhaps Vancouver to San Francisco – instead of, say, a flight? Absolutely. But I’m not sure about a full cruise vacation. It was awesome. The ship, the amenities and the staff were all amazing. And now I can say I’ve been there, done that.

Next year, we’re going camping.

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