do you know how much I can NOT do when I have the time?

I’ve had the past two weeks off, under the auspices of the Start of Kindergarten. Back at the beginning of the year, before we knew which school the Magpie would attend and how the start of school would be structured, I needed to schedule these highly sought after days off, just in case. As it turned out, she not only got into the school we were hoping for, but they started full-time on the second day of school.

So, I’ve had past week and a half in which I could, theoretically, mass edit the last year’s worth of photographs, clean, purge the pile of holy crap company’s coming so throw this all in the computer room/basement, get a hair cut, clean some more, paint the hall and – hey why not! – start getting my photo projects organized too.

To date, I got that hair cut.

I have also had several lunch dates, coffee dates, walks in the woods, shopping trips and times spent amusing the cat. I have been working on the school routine, supplies, uniforms and all the paperwork that comes with it. I have sent my parents photos of her first day of school. I have taken the time to do nothing. I have taken the time to start kindergarten sanely.

Honestly, the whole kindergarten process and been underwhelming and stressful all at once. I have no idea what I’m doing – in terms of meeting expectations – as it’s only the second week and the school is still getting the expectations distributed. And I’m still figuring out what SigOther’s, the Magpie’s and my own expectations are. We’re winging it during a designated grace period with the underlying fear that comes from being in the dark even though we know there’s nothing to trip over and there are tonnes of folks around looking out for you. The school’s not worried, so I’m not. Mostly.

But the kid is loving school. There is no concern about that. She’s bringing home questions, songs and stories. She has friends she plays with. She has a teacher she hugs every morning. She’s exhausted every night and wants to go back to school every day. She has already confused SigOther with the four phrases of French she’s learned. She is keeping very busy and involved.

She’s more than making up for my slacking this past week and a half.

2 responses to “do you know how much I can NOT do when I have the time?

  1. I used to hear “time will go by faster as I get older”. I couldn’t agree more!!! I’m sure you’re thinking the same thing. You’re daughter is 5 years old and just starting school. I just started college myself after having graduated back in 1991. BOY, TIME FLYS!!!

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