September Restart

It’s the end of August and I am falling prey to the annual September restart. As with every year, this is my New Year – even more so now that the Magpie is now in school.

We review schedules. We search for classes. We register for sessions. We look for the new season’s fascinating new distraction, whether that’s to build on a skill or pick up another. Or both. We look for the ways to move ourselves forward to our best ‘us’s. We go shopping. We buy shoes. Some of us [cough – me] are more affected than others.

This year, I had a little time off in August. The Magpie & I went travelling [but that’s another post] and we had a couple of days to regroup for school and settle her fall schedule. She was fit for school clothes, sized for dance attire and measured for her martial arts uniform. She found school shoes and runners. I found work shoes and commuting shoes. She now contemplates the merits of letting me style her hair for dance. I now contemplate the merits of a photography club versus photography class.

On the sidelines, Mr. Q sits back and wait until the last second to register for choir. As he does every year.

Yet I take in all in and take it all on. I run around in my new shoes going after all the shiny new things of the upcoming fall season.

Then those shiny new shoes give me blisters. Slightly horrifying, raw gouges on the back of my ankles. I cover them with band aids – melodramatic band aids more suitable for major surgery, as regular sized bandages are apparently a rare commodity in the house – and continue to wear the new shoes. After all, they are shiny. But it’s not as easy to move forward quite so fast. I am forced to slow down. Regroup on the reset.

At least for a few days.

Because school, classes and sessions? They are starting soon.

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