on pins and needles

Last night, I met the Magpie and Mr. Q in the park on my way home. We chatted as we wandered and all was well, despite the Magpie’s adament intentions to spend the entire evening outside; I could go home and make my own supper all by myself as far as she was concerned.

After convincing her to at least come in and have a little supper, we got in the front door. And then the Magpie began complaining that her hands and fingers hurt. Like they were next to sparks in a fire. Within minutes she turned from a girl aiming for adventure to one in tears. Following my immediate theory that she had gotten into an unfriendly plant, she washed her hands but that only made them feel intensely worse. There was no redness, no rash, no marks. Just the “sparks”. Any touch made them tingle more strongly and, while time lessened the pain, it hadn’t completely resolved by bedtime.

And that left me with lots of time to google stuff.

The vast and all-knowing interwebs gave me answers ranging from “her hands fell asleep” [no] to “she has the beginnings of one of several degenerative nerve disease” [exactly why NOT to look things up online]. An irritated nerve – carpal tunnel, anyone? – also appeared in my results and a nerve pinch from a fall or excess activity became, really, the only apparent viable option. Never mind that she didn’t remember anything like a fall or new activity… it could have happened.

And, so, overwhelmed into a blissful state of denial, I went to sleep, figuring the Magpie would be fine when she woke up in the morning and I could ignore all the awful potentials. A bit of a strain, perhaps add in a bit of over-tired and all would be well in short order.

No such luck.

Mr. Q took her to the doctor’s this morning, where, after waiting 2 hours for their drop in spot, the doctor asked the Magpie if she was in contact with any glue yesterday.


Not random weird plants outside, not the dog she pet at the park and not even new foods. Glue.

And, yes, the Magpie was crafting at her day camp that day. Using white glue. General, every day, run of the mill white glue. How is this a problem?? Is it related to her suspected latex sensitivity or is she truly reactive to bandage adhesives instead of bandages? I still have no idea other than the notion that allergies can crop up at any time to anything.

Oh, and regardless of what it is, Mr. Q was given instructions to return if the “sparks” hadn’t disappeared in the next few days. Fortunately, they appear to have disappeared by this evening. So I can return to my state of it’s all okay for now. Until the if and when it happens again. And we try to link it back to something, anything, on a search for pins and needles in haystack.

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