Fashion Girls

The Magpie and her friends have, in the last week, decided to be a Fashion Girls. It involves wearing dresses and her fancy shoes with the little heel. It involves not getting (as) dirty. It involves tea parties. It involves Barbie lunch bags and water bottles.

[But, she says, only because Barbie has a puppy. Not because of Barbie or the pink colour. But, I say, it does have Barbie and is pink in colour.]

I have to admit: I’m not sure how to deal with Fashion Girl. I wasn’t Fashion Girl growing up – Barbie was verboten and by the time I got a My Little Pony, I was almost too old for it. I’m not Fashion Girl now – I shop only when I have to and usually with someone who actually knows what they’re doing. So, how do I respond to a girl who is now all about sparkles and dresses and “dirt is icky”?

I know it probably shouldn’t be with whatever look of shock or confusion crossed my face. 

It should probably be more offerings of support to put together her upcoming Fashion Girls Tea Party.

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