belated breakfasts

I had the chance to get together with friends this morning over breakfast / brunch. Just me. No spouse, no kid [they were at swim class].

These friends and I – we’re in constant contact over facebook, texts and the occasional tweet, but all of us so rarely get to be in the same physical space. The others do get together with a little more regularity – after work, over late dinners in pubs, bars and music venues. Of this group, I am the one in the kid-zone. For all that we are now in the school system and know so many people who have kids, I still know so many, many people who don’t. And, some days more than others, it is tricky to keep in touch. We each have Schedules. The hours on mine just don’t always match the hours on their’s. And as much as the Magpie is a good conversationalist, she only can hold up so long as a six year old in a room full of adults. And the conversation can only be so adult in a room with a six year old.

So, it comes back to the Schedules. The odd brunch here, the rare night out there. Despite being part of the schedule, the get-togethers are a step out of it, if only for a few hours. Mr.Q gets his guys’ nights out. I find time for girls’ brunches. Sometimes – the oh so very rare and carefully found sometimes – we go out at the same time. Sometimes – rarer still – together. And that makes each and every time out a little more memorable. They are followed, sometimes rudely, by the rush back for the rest of the day’s Schedules or an early morning the next day for swim class.

But with every memorable step out of the Schedule, it makes each and every going-on at home a bit more memorable too.

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