And then there was that time I ….squirrel!

Oh, it’s been one of those weeks.

I’ve been so focussed on a few things I have to do that I forgot about other things… like locking the door or bringing home my headphones and phone charger. Fortunately, the unlocked door was behind a locked, main door and Mr.Q’s charger is compatible with my phone, but it’s a damn good thing I don’t iron [much], or I could have been responsible for one hell of a fire alarm bill from the complex.

I’ve been distracted. It’s leaving me wondering what else I’ve forgotten.

Environment scan:

  • The cat isn’t freaking out, so she’s been fed.
  • Likewise with the kid. And her homework is done and my inbox isn’t full of emails from the school, so we must be okay there too.
  • The fact that I can check email means that there are no overdue bills with the internet or power company…
  • I haven’t had any phone calls from my mother suggesting I send a belated birthday card to anyone.


But, let’s put it in perspective, here: it’s not horrendous. I am not zoning out and missing my bus stops [cough. not that that ever happened…lately]. I am remembering people’s names and faces. My eyelid isn’t twitching violently. So, I mean, really. How truly scattered can I be?

Still, I think I’ll go pro-active on my forgetful ass: a bit of breathing, stretching and some of that zen-inducing savasana. Relaxing on the ground, paying attention to breathing and releasing tension. Getting to quiet space. Leaving the things I have [or have not] done well enough alone for a few minutes.

Corpse pose. Lying still and emptying the brain.

Because nothing says pro-active stress-release like some pre-zombie non-action.

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