And so far this morning…

Aahhh! I am on a bus with supernatural passengers!

I sat down across from one hipster geek, pulled out my phone, answered a few emails and looked up to find a completely different hipster geek. I know – it can be hard to tell, but I looked twice just to be sure.

Even after my relaxing evening yesterday, I am clearly needing more coffee.

(posted from phone…typos are a given)

2 responses to “And so far this morning…

  1. scary. it sounds terrible to say that “they all look the same”, because that’s the exact sort of thing I think the hipster folk are against, but, nonetheless, THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME.


  2. Heh. Perhaps there are minute distinguishables if I were to pay a bit more attention, but the glasses are definitely all the same. I can only distinguish between those who have lenses in their frames and those who don’t

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