because, dancing is about….

Despite Mr. Workman’s most persuasive insistence in Paper Shoes, [nsfw], I’m not sure that dancing is about sexual confidence, per se,  but I can believe that it’s about certainly confidence, in general.

But a lack of confidence is certainly apparent in the parent population at dance class, where as the small kids who actually have to get out there and do the dancing with new teachers, new ballet shoes, and/or a new studio room have enough non-chalance and confidence to take on whatever their 6 year old world – or a new dance teacher – throws at them. There is only ever one parent keen on being Class Rep [after a moment of awkward I don’t really want to, but if no one else will, I feel I have to]. There are never any parents confident that they could be the Costume Rep, despite constant reassurances of the limited need for any real sewing skills. There are often several parents nervous in their ability to properly purchase dance attire or create a bun that will last the whole class. Or create one at all [cough].

But those girls, who are wearing whatever attire they have been dressed in and whose hair is pulled back and pinned, have no such reservations. After we are set straight on the class rules and holiday schedules, the parents are sent away to relief of the class. The boring part class is over and everyone can get down to business. They are there to learn. They are there to have fun.

They are there to dance.

And there is no doubt that they will do all that. What’s not to be confident about?

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