Happy Anniversary to me

Today is our wedding anniversary: Mr.Q and I have been married for 16 years as of about 11am this morning.

This is also the same time of year that I travel – every year for the past 3 years. I was out of town for my 14th and 15th wedding anniversaries and only just got back into town in time for this one. Still travel-weary, we managed to acknowledge each other’s presence this morning and Mr.Q got the Magpie ready for school and I staggered out the door in the general direction of public transit with only a cursory oh yeah, happy anniversary.

But, during the day it occurred to me that it’s a Friday. And I will be home. And Mr.Q will be home. On our anniversary.

And then I remembered we scheduled a cable box upgrade for tonight. Because that was the only time slot available. And I almost tweeted:

Yay!!! The cable guy is coming over for my anniversary tonight!!!

But sarcasm and the internets don’t mix well and it occurred to me that I would quickly have to follow up with something along the lines of:

Okay, that was sarcasm, people. Seriously, the cable guy really is coming over on our anniversary.

And I then realised that my friends will be reading this and that I would have to beat them to the punch and further qualify:

Yes, the cable guy is coming over on a Friday night on our anniversary but it’s not that kind of anniversary thing

Finally, I remembered that my mom reads my Twitter account and came to the conclusion that updating Twitter wasn’t really a priority today.

[Apparently, Mr.Q  fixing all the wireless settings after the cable guy leaves and me updating my blog, however, are a priority on our anniversary. Because we’re all celebratory like that.]

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