that time I turned a year older

I had a birthday this week. On a weekday. A really busy, work-filled weekday that turned into a busy night of grade 1 homework, piano practice and meetings. I could barely remember what date to write at any given moment, and I have to write the date a lot. Despite the presents sent in from my family, the birthday cake and the singing, it was a generally low-key mid-week birthday. Woohoo.

But, for the Magpie, it was the highlight of the entire week: Guess what [friends] – it’s so exciting!! Today is my mom’s birthday!!  Throw in the new-found fact that is was also the birthday of one teacher’s husband and, well, that was worth multiple card crafts and songs all day long. The entire school – and the teacher’s husband – now know exactly how old I am, what I got for my birthday and saw all my cards long in advance of me.

I don’t remember ever being that excited about my own birthday, never mind anyone else’s…

It was a whole other way to view the day and, after an otherwise work-filled Wednesday, a welcome change of pace. You know, when we weren’t doing homework.

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