the sky is falling

Last night, after a long week of long days and short nights of ineffective sleep, the Magpie crawled into my bed and wanted to stay there. We managed to convince her that we could organize sleeping arrangements for Saturday night but, last night, we all just needed our own rest in our own bedrooms.

As of 630 this morning, the Magpie may get her wish. For up to another two weeks.

We were woken up today by water dripping from our bedroom ceiling fixture, a water stain spreading at the light and a second spot forming above my pillow. There are now holes in my ceiling, insulation dripping rainwater into a garbage can, fans and a dehumidifier taking over the floor and hoses draining in the main bathroom sink. And we are waiting for the roofer to contact us with potential times for their assessment visit next week.

Last night was the first big rainstorm of fall. It has, apparently, been a very busy morning for everyone in the leaking-roof industry, despite living in a rain-forest, where the market for that kind of thing should be saturated. [heh. see how I did that? …saturated… clearly I am still tired and, perhaps, slightly maniacal…]

Following roof repairs, the construction/restoration guys return to cut more holes, replace insulation and patch things back up. All in all, up to two weeks from now, we may have a bedroom back to some semblance of the way it was before.

So, Mr.Q and I will be relocating. We have a sort of spare room. The Magpie has a (nearly) double bed. And she has a sleeping bag and is easy to convince that indoor camping is So Much Fun!! Sleeping arrangements will, as her request last night, be adjusted for the foreseeable future. The Magpie will be thrilled. Mr.Q and I will likely be tired. But it is the cat who will be most put out by this. Whenever any isn’t sleeping in their assigned location, she spends much of the night checking up on them. And making noise to make sure we wake up and are okay.

But that is the extent of our involvement. Living out of our spare room for a few weeks and arranging work schedules to accommodate contractors may be a pain in the ass. But, we live in a townhouse. And the end of all this, having a strata contingency fund that we’ve already paid into and a strata management company who deals with the contractors? Priceless.

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