Haunted house

It’s getting close to Hallowe’en. Which means that the Magpie is sick. Perhaps, this year, she won’t actually be sick on Hallowe’en, unlike the past two years, but she’s not counting on that, despite having a cold right now.

With a cold, comes rest. We spent the day on the couch watching tv, at the table playing games and snacking and running upstairs to grab more blankets and pillows. While nice for us, the cat quickly became bored with our inactivity and stalked the house for items of interest.

Mid-morning, mechanical animal sounds began coming from the Magpie’s room.

She has a puzzle from when she was a baby where, when the animal shapes are put in correctly, the animal makes its sound: a dog barks, a cat meows, a cow moos, etc.  Now this puzzle usually lives at the bottom of a toy trunk and rarely sees the light of day. The pieces are touchy and, if jostled, will sound off. The Magpie confirmed that she had, indeed, taken the puzzle out and put in on her desk. Clearly the cat was upstairs poking at it.

Until I looked over and saw the cat sleeping in the window next to us.


This puzzle was upstairs on the Magpie’s desk. fully assembled and making noises for over 2 hours this morning. Just. Sitting. There.

No people. No cats. Not even any spiders. Just the puzzle.

We have since begun to decorate for Hallowe’en. If we do have seasonal company, they will hopefully find the decor will be more amusing than the puzzle; the decor, at least, doesn’t meow.

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