Yesterday, one of the national lotteries was maxed out at $50 million and had accumulated another 50 one million dollar prizes on the side.

I didn’t win anything.

Leading up to Friday, a lot of us spent the week daydreaming what-ifs and organizing lottery pools. Because, really, what if? Or, more accurately, where do the what-ifs end? Debts. Charity. House. Education. Travel. Oh, yes, travel. It’s the time of year that a trip starts to look appealing [see last post] and the Christmas holidays are still a few too many weeks away. Is there any lottery list doesn’t include escaping on a trip? Travel. The kind that includes the time to actually savour the trip. The kind of thing that goes far above and beyond the annual two-week allotment.

[okay, I actually get more than two weeks a year. I just never seem to take more than a week off at a time for some reason…]

But it turns out you don’t actually need to win the lottery. Some times you just take the time and go have an adventure. Some times you just scheme and save. Some times, some people actually do this.

Lucky bastards. Well played, gentlemen.

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