Attack of the killer salmon

Okay, not really killer salmon, but certainly potentially violent salmon.

The Magpie and I went for a walk between rainstorms on the weekend, into the ravine and along the creek. The green space is watched over by a Streamkeepers group and they post signs every year reminding ravine visitors of hatching and/or spawning salmon in the creek [read: keep your damn dog out of the water].

We have never actually seen any fish in the 12 years we’ve been walking in the ravine.

We saw them this year.


Three sizable salmon – noses already hooked and on their way to turning red – were either spawning under a log or having one hell of a time trying to get past the rocks bordering the log. We inched quietly closer to get a better look. And they took notice. But, unlike regular, people-fearing fish, these three took our presence as an afront and a chance to berate us. Sure, they would retreat under the log. But only to regroup and come flying out in a new attack formation. Or to sneak out and glare at us.

Seriously. Glare.


They were clearly under-appreciative of their photographic opportunities during this momentous occassion in their lives. What with so little of their lives left, you’d think they’d’ve been more receptive.

After a handful of minutes and a handful of photos, even sneaky fish can’t retain the attention of a six year old forever. We left the three to return to their battle with the creek rocks. Hopefully, no dogs or eagles interrupted their efforts.

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