Movember is for the boys

Movember is not for the girls. At least, it’s not for them to participate in same way.

Guys growing moustaches to raise money and awareness for prostate cancer and men’s mental health is all sorts of awesomeness. And the ladies tolerating supporting the month of moustaches is more awesomeness.

But, truly, I had not intended to participate in the event. Yet, it seems, I am.

I am, from all those Celtic and northern European genes, fair-skinned, fair-haired [under the dye] and do not generally require much in the way of facial hair removal. Truth be told, I think the aethesticians merely humour me when I go in to get my brows done because, hey, if I want to pay for work, they’ll go through the motions, whether it’s actually required or not. And I do have the occasional visible stray eyebrow hair. But, I’ve given up asking to have my lip waxed and just do it at home a few times a year when I have an Event to attend. But the hair is blond. In the grand scheme of things, I’m not high on the list of ladies who need to get their ‘staches removed.

Until this morning.

After the announcement of my co-workers participation in Movember and the increased advertising with the approach of the 11th month, some psychosomatic messages must be making their way through my system: I had to deal with a [damn near] black hair from the side of my lip. Yes, it was actually attached. Needless to say, it is no longer attached.

I will be detaching its blonder neighbours shortly.

No worries, guys: I will be leaving the moustaches to the experts and stick to moral support from the sidelines.

Take a sec and head over to the Movember website to find out more about their causes, events and on-line community. One month of moustachioed men makes for leaps and bounds toward men’s health. Go on: support your men. And their moustaches.

[yes, the moustache image is from the Movember website and links back]

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