a simpler request

As I head into work early, Mr. Q regularly gets the Magpie’s lunch together in the mornings. Recently, lunch, was a hotdog – a treat at the end of the week – but apparently not treat enough. That afternoon, when I picked her up from school, there was a note stuck on top of her backpack, clearly and prominently displayed for high visibility; let this note not go unnoticed.


To Dad, From Magpie. I love hotdogs, but I wish you’d give me a dessert and please give me a hotdog or sandwich every day including a dessert. I love you. I know you love me too.

She got it all in there. From the sandwich technique – a positive [I like the hotdog you gave me] , a constructive criticism [you didn’t give me dessert] , followed by a positive [I love you] – to a little guilt trip in there [I know you love me too] with the unspoken: so, surely you want to accommodate my request.

But, despite the sophistication of the format, it is a much simpler request and one far more easily and readily met than her request of me a few months ago.

To Mom. I wish we had another baby. In fact, 150 babies. Please! I really want at least 1. So, please! But, in order to do that, you need to stop taking that medicine. Please. I really want a baby today.

Mine was just a little more pleading in tone. And a whole lot bigger in scope.

Again: dad gets off easy.

3 responses to “a simpler request

  1. I still thhink she is going to become a high level hostage negotiator!
    Don’t kid yourself – no one gets off easy!

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