Unconscious Mutterings


Oh, I haven’t done one of these weekly word associations in so long!

1.  32 :: caliber
2.  ignore :: disdain
3.  wet :: November
4.  apartment :: basement
5.  translate :: understand
6.  YouTube :: excess
7.  stifle :: suffocate
8.  plus :: bonus
9.  thanks! :: gracious
10. Fiction :: literary

Some times these one-word associations are tricky for me; I want to describe the whole image a word conjures up rather than the first word that pops in my head. There are too many “first” words like mouseover tags on each part of the picture, coming up all at once.

Yes, clearly, I need to quiet my brain a bit next time before attempting to associate…


Want to Mutter? It happens each week at Luna Nina.

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