It’s like they know me


That trite, knock-off sayings could accurately capture my sentiments about the upcoming shopping among crowds, festive preparations and necessary extroversion?  Why apparently, yes. Yes, they can.

Crowds and I don’t get along at the best of times. Throw in a few garish mall decorations, some auto-tuned, politically correct seasonal songs and parking lots at stores, post offices and bus depots full of stall stalkers and horn-happy holiday shoppers, and it’s a recipe for a pounding headache and epic jaw grinding. I would much rather be dealing with holiday baking recipes but, that, too, sadly involves shopping for ingredients. And cleaning for those who will be coming over to enjoy the baking.

Trust me, I’ve mellowed over the years. My near panic attacks have become resignation tinged with preparation. And less concern if not all the cat hair has been vacuumed up…but it still takes a bit out of me.

It’s December. Wish me [and those who live with me] well.


note to self: the dictionary in WordPress keeps telling me to change extroversion to extraversion. But, in the face of extraversion, I am prompted to switch to extroversion. tells me both are acceptable. So you get my preference of extroversion. Is this another one of those British / American spelling things?

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