if nothing else, I am consistent in change

Earlier this afternoon, I was accused something’s different about you lately.

And that’s not something I often hear.

It’s not that nothing’s ever new – on the contrary. Every now and then, a girl needs an overhaul, and a new hair colour or new pair of glasses isn’t beyond my realm of possibilities. Never mind the option of a new tattoo. [But not nearly as many folks are privy to viewing those in person, if not on the interwebs. And, as Mr.Q noted after the last addition, even the novelty of those is wearing off.]

So, sure, I am wearing my glasses a bit more in under the air vent at work, now that the heat is on in winter. And, yes, I had my hair edited a few weeks ago for the holiday party season.


But, the something was identified today as, perhaps, a change in height.


Is that all it takes to give the impression of a whole new something about someone – an extra inch or two in a warm rainboot? Enough to change demeanor? Presence? Is it truly that the outside can amend the inside?

Perhaps the observing co-worker simply noted the first apparent thing [and, yes, the boots are awesome – the photo isn’t doing them justice]. Perhaps she was fishing for revelations, as the number of pregnant women in our spheres would rightly have anyone suspicious of everyone right now. Maybe she was just being tactful as the combination of the holiday season and avoiding a series of colds has left me a bit haggard.

Or, perhaps it is just the heel. Why not an extra inch of confidence with each inch underfoot? Maybe all those women have been onto something – something – simple that I’ve avoided for years.

Damn. Looks like I missed my chance to take over the world at the [already passed] office party…


3 responses to “if nothing else, I am consistent in change

  1. Change is good! Still looking forward to those office party photos of the new dress and updated hair color!

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