nothing is sacred (but I have no photos to prove it)

Mr.Q should be well aware that little – including the removal of back hair – is sacred. And, while it may not be sacred, there remain some outstanding questions that I didn’t get to ask in the moment.

Because there is not sacred. And then there is timing.

And, really, I was very close to being kicked out of the procedings before I even arrived. My alleged over-exhuberance in assisting was, apparently, off-putting. So, here are the things I did not ask Mr.Q upon The Shaving of the Back yesterday. Because I am restrained like that and leave the questions, instead, for posting on the internet:


Photographic interpretation of Before Shave shot. No bears were harmed during this photo shoot. Portions of bear cropped to spare the innocent.

1. When deciding to accept your acupuncturist’s ultimatum of shaving your back for continued treatments, what was the final deciding factor?

2. What were the reasons – oh, her? Okay. – What were her reasons for treating with cupping and so issuing the ultimatum?

3. So…cupping…I have a definition of cupping that I am using…what’s yours?

4. How the hell do I know where to stop??

Okay. I did ask that last one. But in a nicer way…I think.

Clearly, Mr. Q required assistance in his endeavours but insisted, at the same time, that there was to be no photographic evidence of the event. 

Don’t worry, there is. 

I just promised not to put them up on the internets.

Probably. You know, I might. In case those questions don’t get answered.

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