New year, new words

Some random words for you, in the association game from LunaNina: a little bit of a conversation – or, perhaps, at least, a thought – starter.

Princesses :: presentation
First Kiss :: anticipation
Humor :: dry 
Campaign :: ad nauseam
Resolve :: steel
Intrepid :: forward
Rhythm :: flow
Grand :: encompassing
Dirty :: worn
Tooth :: etched

That tooth, I tell you…it’s old and stained and lined. And big. A well-used incisor. Fossil-like. I’m not sure whose it is but I hope they’re on my side.

I’m sure there’s a story in there somewhere. Who uses the tooth? Whose side are they on? What are the sides? And what harsh things was the user gnawing on to create such etchings??

But, I digress. Clearly I’ve spent too much time with the recently obtained Story Cubes – nine innocent little die with images for players to develop a story by themselves or as a team, or simply to reflect on. [and there’s an iPhone app? Damn it, where’s the Android?] We’ve been playing. And then, trying to figure out everyone’s back story. And those innocent little die have been creating a lot of conversation.

Hm. That conversation to date has been kid inspired, and so, kid friendly.

The thought is yet untested, but I suspect that story cubes take on a different tone after 8pm…

note: no funny business here. I just really like the Rory’s Story Cubes we got for Christmas.

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