A picture of a print of a photo I once took

Just before the Christmas holidays – you know, that rare calm before the storm – I was catching up on my reading and discovered that one of my favourite music/photography/tech bloggers was running a contest. Now, I’ve been coveting the idea of a canvas. I had only recently settled on the photo and the room for it.

Who am I to pass up on a chance to enter for photo goodies?

And then… I won!

The framed canvas print arrived yesterday and I’m incredibly happy with it – great customer service, clean framing and a print very true to the original colours and crop. Thank you to Aimee and Snapbox!


So…now you’re left with an indoor cell phone photo of a canvas print of a photo I took a year and a half ago… one of those things that might lose a little in the translation. What a better idea of how the print looks? Here’s the original.

Now I just need to get some more recent photo edits going…


note: Yes, I did win a free print from Snapbox through Greeblemonkey. I am writing this on my own – it was not requested as part of the contest or by Snapbox. 

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