Did those last seven days go by really fast, or does it just seem like a month ago?

Oh dear lord, what a week. I don’t recall anything particularly traumatic about it…it was just busy. And long. And gone in a flash. Something about Blue Monday followed by a busy, busy set of evenings and wrapping up with a Friday night out.

I realise that it should read a Friday night out!!! because, seriously, how often does that happen around here? Never. But by the time it arrived it was just another item in the calendar. Fortunately, by the time the night out was over, it had turned into a great night out with friends at a local school event where we won stuff and supported their school at the same time. Goodness all around.

And that ending to the week brings us to today’s wrap up of  the last 7 -10 days:


Just over a week ago the Magpie had a heated discussion with the boy she is going to marry. About meditation practices, their legitimacy and effectiveness.

Because, really, what else are two six-year olds going to argue about? Some times, I swear she’s older than the rest of us.


Two days later? An epic meltdown at the end of an otherwise good birthday party, after following all the requisite five minute notice and follow-up extra five minutes as everyone else was clearly making their way out. Exhaustion, manipulation and martyrdom all played their parts.

Note to self: the Magpie’s previously funny, smirky fake cry has graduated to full vocals and real tears. But don’t worry. It can be turned off in an instant when a parent’s back is turned. But she has to work on turning it on again when the parent turns back around… [yeesh]

Some times, she’s still just six. Just because she talks about meditation with her fiance doesn’t mean she’s out of the running when it comes to throwing one hell of a temper tantrum.


Oh, transit people, you crack me up. From end-of-the-world-serious discussions about laundry care and the wonders of vinegar between two 30-ish guys, to the noted propensity for commuters to have a late-afternoon drink before heading home, to the confusing styles of trend-testing university kids that only goes to suggest that I’m fast approaching old and cranky – it was all there on the bus this week.


And now?

  • The weather has cleared up a bit and I have a massage scheduled later this afternoon.
  • We are a whole week closer to an undetermined date when we get a more portable laptop for work and extra-curricular commitments.
  • I am a whole week closer to a drama performance for a class I’m taking…for fun. You know, because everything fun needs a little homework. [and, yes, I know where the Magpie get the sense of the dramatic from]

This week .. oh, yeah, there’s more of those “day” things coming up. I have them in my calendar.

3 responses to “Did those last seven days go by really fast, or does it just seem like a month ago?

  1. you should meet my 4 year old. He has a fiance, and a boyfriend. Then she gets all dramatic when we tell her she isn’t old enough to date yet and says “I’m never going to date then” we tell her good less we have to worry about. Then comes the dramatic stomp to the bedroom. The next day she comes home from school telling us that she sat next to this boy on the buss and they are getting married. OMG.. This terrifies me for teenage years. Good luck…

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