a few truths

Oh, hi… Yes, I suck. Let’s get that out of the way right here and now.

I will be following this post with a tour through my reading list – you know, that list I desperately want to read, but accrues a bigger and bigger number of unread posts daily and becomes a bit more overwhelming at each check of the RSS. I’m around. I’m doing stuff. I should have “stuff” to write about. Yet, today, though stuff-filled as always, was also filled with a few moments of two-by-four upside the head – okay, or at least momentary huh – truth. Some came from the expected places. Some came from places that I should know by now to expect.


from a daily work-related news digest that always ends with a quote:

writing quote

I got a little crazy on my Goodreads quote list today but this was the one that crossed my computer desk this morning and hit me. This, after I flipped through newsfeeds just a half hour earlier trying to figure out how I was going to blog when I had “nothing to blog about”. And yet I do. I just file it as benign everyday and it gets lost before I get back to it.

Good lord. What sort of awesomeness has happened that I’ve relegated to daily life?


from the commute:


For the record: Get the on the train going backwards. You’ll get a seat and, despite whatever it may look like getting on, you’ll get to where you need to go. <there. how’s that for turning a transit obscurity into the profound?>


from the Magpie:

In the before-bed crafting blitz, the Magpie wanted cardboard. This, after much stalling – I’m too tired to go upstairs and get ready for bed! – and requests for extraneous assistance – help me get my toothbrush from right in front of me!  I grumbled, dug some cardboard out of the recycling and passed it upstairs.

Ten minutes later, I was called up to view the results.

Having been working on the scientific method for the class science fair, she had created a mini-poster board. It displayed two questions, two definitions and two brainstorming boxes of responses. They detailed the things she proposed as part of her “inner” – in her house, in her life – and those things she proposed to be “outer” – not part of her house or life. There were no physical things listed, only feelings and actions.  I will leave the details out, here – reasons to follow – but both lists followed with a question: what do we want in our inner/outer?

Truly. What do we want in our inner and outer?

Some folks spend their whole lives figuring that out and others spend their entire lives making a career out of help folks get closer to those answers. And there it was, in a six year olds’ ten minute brain-storming session. Pretty unambiguous and straight forward ideals to check her life’s actions against. And, undoubtedly, she’s watching mine, among others’, in line with that list as well.


further from the Magpie:

I asked if I could take a picture of the display and post it on my blog; would she be okay with that?

No, she decided, the display was a private thing.

Well, I asked, were you thinking of displaying it on your <private to family and a few friends> blog?

No, she laughed, I have many more people reading my blog.

And there, at bed time, was the final truth of the day.

2 responses to “a few truths

  1. my kid does that use-all-the-cardboard crafting before bed too! argh. i like the creativity, but GO TO BED ALREADY.

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