Oh, look. It’s (almost) spring on the west coast

Every now and then, the sun peeks out – for an hour, an afternoon, a day – just to torment those of us living in the North American rain forests of the west coast.

And then it starts raining again.


Now, those of you who just got snow are rolling your eyes – at best – and cursing the fact that you probably can’t get on an airplane, what with them being grounded, and come out to the coast to have words with me.

I know I am in no position to bitch, considering the weather hitting or about to hit many areas right now, but the rain…it never seems to end. It sucks. It is exhausting. It’s cold. Seeping, bone-chilling sheets of icy rain swept in from the northern Pacific and over the peaks of still-snow-covered ski hills. Evenings of fire, tea <or was that mulled wine?> and an extra blanket or two only follow with another early morning of commuting under cloud cover and mist. Everyone’s packing umbrellas and it is impossible to get through a commute without unintended wet pant cuffs, sleeves or – gods forbid – the rain drop off a tree or eaves down the front of the shirt.

Okay, sure, there are starting to be silver linings in the eternal winter cloud. The days are getting longer. My bulbs have emerged again for another, unexpected year. Five days a week, I have a sweater at work and a coffee shop at the bottom of the elevator. All the Magpie’s classes are inside and some of them even have underground parking.

But today? The winter lingers so I’m staying indoors. And I only have rain to contend with.

I hope everyone out there in the snow is staying indoors too, safe and warm.


3 responses to “Oh, look. It’s (almost) spring on the west coast

  1. We have seen the sun 2 days in a row and are acting like fools!! But another snow storm is passing just to the SW of us and we will probably be back to grey tomorrow.

  2. Nicely written. Those of us who still have lots of snow on the ground and some melting in today’s sunshine appreciate your rain issues. The time change this weekend should help somewhat.

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