On the wind

Ugh. Sorry, I can simply not come up with a catchy title for this post so you are left with a vague weather-related phrase better suited to a cheesy novel title or air freshener commercial.

This post is about neither one of those things.

It is, however, about the cheap kite I purchased in a fit of it’s a cheap kite and it’s summer!! yesterday.

The Magpie and I took said kite outside as soon as I got home. And by that, I mean we took it outside and she rode her bike while I tried to figure out how to string it up with the included fishing line. Because, while the manufacturers included fishing line, they did not include any instructions regarding the many, many holes punched into the kite…presumably for weaving the fishing line in some sort of intricate mandala that they assumed would have simply been build into my body-consciousness from birth. And yet it wasn’t.

Time passed and I finally figured out which side of the kite was up and included most of the holes in the rigging, so we went to the nearby field for a test flight. The Magpie even brought a small stuffy along in case we deemed the craft worthy of passengers. After finally achieving lift off, two things became apparent: 1. our kite was built for spectacular nose dives and 2. my sketchy rigging tightened up with each pull, warping the shape and constantly threatening to rip through the flimsy fabric.

Generally, it was an epic kite flying fail. Fortunately, we were okay with the awesomeness of flinging ourselves out of the way of the nose dives and untangling ourselves…again. It was an adventure, if little else.

An elderly gentleman living in a nearby condominium, however, was not okay with all this.

Our new friend – a fellow from Brazil, with limited English and a really cute Dachshund – saw our tragic circumstances from his balcony and made the trip downstairs with a few pages of newspaper to come to our aid. With lots of pantomime and halting explanations, I think the problem was that our kite’s tail was too short for the stronger breezes we were in. After adding a few impromptu sections of newspaper to the kite’s tail, it actually stayed up in the air for a period of time. Only the Dachshund was non-plussed. I get the feeling that the Dachshund is also non-plussed with the 10 grandchildren this gentleman told us of, and with all the conversation and the distinct lack of walking that was involved in modifying our $2.99 kite.

But, with several sections of newspaper, many thanks and a few flights under our wings, the gentleman and his dog went on their way. And we went on ours.

It was kind of awesome.

Perhaps we’ll run into him again –  he next time we are in the nearby field, attempting some mandatory childhood adventure with limited traditional success. Because, surely, everyone needs some random South American grandfather with mad MacGyver skills.

Huge thanks to our newly found nearby neighbour – you helped make a great evening’s flight.

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