in the vein

Following an uneventful, planned minor surgery the other day, I am left with a few reminders of the day. A few stitches and bit of soreness, sure. But I’ve also been left with a small scratch on my hand where my IV ran for the day.

The IV was put in by RN#2. RN#1 came by to go over my medical history, make sure I hadn’t had anything to eat or drink, and look for a good IV vein. She then complimented me on my skin, my fine veins and waxed poetic about how wonderfully I will age. And then she went to get hot cloths for my hands, a tourniquet and a second nurse in order to find a vein big enough to stick a needle into.

post iv hand

Now, had I mentioned that, at this point, I haven’t had anything to drink for 12 hours? Yes, let’s not drink for 12 hours, sit still in a cold room for 2 hours with only enough water to take some pre-meds and then try to find a vein. I’m not sure that’s the best plan for starting an intravenous line…but my specialty is taking blood out, not putting fluids in, so I’ll leave the logistics to the professionals.

RN#2 did find a usable vein and hooked me up without incident. With lovely, long overdue fluids. Intravenous lines are good for fluids. They are also good for getting knocked out and woken up again. And, after the knocking out and waking up, they’re good for Gravol. [Now, I avoided the Gravol, but only by managing to look better than I felt long enough to make my escape – I wasn’t about to sit around in Recovery for another half an hour for a little nausea.]

Regardless of what they’re doing, fluids are good.

Especially for keeping skin and veins happy.

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