It doesn’t take much

Dear driver,

Following the horrendous, incredibly slow, hot, sweaty commute on a train full of delayed and bitchy travellers this morning, I am now in standing-room-only at the back of my milk-run bus. I was counting my blessings well enough that my driver doesn’t have a lead foot when your car drove by.

Had I not been so delayed with train malfunctions; had I not been standing in the raised back, I would not have seen you.

Your little polka-dotted hatchback with a giant foamie “U” preceding the license plate “NICORN” just made my morning a whole hell of a lot better.

And that of my fellow bus passengers who got distracted by my random outburst of laughter. Because who doesn’t love a nut on their bus?

Thank you,

One response to “It doesn’t take much

  1. Loved your post. Hope your day continues to be full of random reasons for laughter.

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